The Art Of Attraction And How They Do It

Has it ever occurred to you that, at one point of your life, you have decided a certain set of landmarks in the areas that you are familiar of and these ideas of how you ever decided them has been quite ambiguous? It is almost like, it was just randomly automatically planted. Your eyes notice something eye catching and your brain decides, ‘hey, this is cool! Let’s put a bookmark in our mind for this’. This is the art of attraction. The method that is used to reach out to people and bury images of brands in their minds. 

The visual memory has been considered as one of the strongest types of memories that can turn the life of any living organism upside down. A person who came across a ghost in a shady road will highly likely to drive along in the night that is the impact the visual memory does to him/her. That’s the negative side of it. Depicting its positive side, a vivid and vibrant product of a signage installation can simply pierce through the short-term memory of yours and eventually be buried in the long-term memory. Your eye notices the colors, the placement and how this arrangement of words and symbols are being very distinguishable to any eye and with the course of time, you remember this place and eventually, the chances of you shopping there is quite high. Using it as a landmark as a single person could lead it into an entire town seeing it in the same way and the marketing strategy is being noticed and being chosen and without a doubt, the objective will be fulfilled.  

Especially in the night, these symbols tend to light up the town and be seen amongst all the conventional billboards and such and because of this not only people in the respective neighborhoods will get attracted to it, but also the numerous vehicles passing through the illuminated sign will remember at least a bit of it. The repetition of this procedure followed by the general marketing tactics, the base of customers will increase and the fan base will be expanded than ever.  

Don’t we all have a memory of annoying our parents standing in front of a very persuasively creative window display that holds us there and make you buy them? In an era of window shoppers, making them go one step ahead is what makes them actually purchase something. All the vibrant colors and mannequins that are portraying an unliving creativity in order to convince you the fact that, now that it looks good in a mannequin or inside a glass box, it will sure look better in you or with you! You can view more information here 

The importance of visual stimulation in the art of attraction in crucial. It is probably the foundation of it. Use of these principles in marketing could be extremely effective without a shadow of a doubt. 

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