How To Build Your Own Tennis Court

Would you like to have your own tennis court in your backyard? If you have enough space in your land, you should definitely consider creating a play court as a recreational space. Remember that a tennis court can also be used for other sports such as badminton, basketball and futsal. Whether you are a professional tennis player, a tennis fan or just someone looking to build a backdoor play area, there are things to consider before you start work on the court. Here are some resourceful tips on how to build your tennis court.

Prepare the Spot

Before clearing the site, measure the area to have an idea of how big the court can be. While most backdoor lands do not have room for a full size court, anyone with a large backyard can build a good enough court. Next, you must remove the grass as well as 18 inches of the soil. After the soil is excavated, a layer of stone is added to the area. It should be well compact and about 6 inches deep. Then, a layer of sand should go over it and finally, fill in a layer of topsoil.

Installing Grass

Usually, the bounce of the ball and the speed of the game is somewhat determined by the grass on the court. A home tennis court can use a mixture of chewings fescue, slender red creeping fescue and browntop bent grass. Sod takes at least a month to grow while grass seeds take a year to fully grow. You can also obtain services from artificial turf Hong Kong to install synthetic grass.

Mark the Court

Use string to mark the boundaries of the court first. Then you can apply field line white chalk along the lines. The base line should be 4 inches wide and other lines are usually 2 inches wide. Next, you need to put up the net. You can purchase a net from stores that have sports surfaces for sale here or tennis retailers. The net should have grommets that can be attached to posts on either side as well as a tension chord inside the white tape.

Finishing Touches

If you intend to play other games in the court, you will need to purchase the necessary fixtures such as a basketball hoop. Consider building a small pavilion area for viewing purposes. But, this is only optional. Finally, purchase good quality tennis gear such as tennis balls and racquets to complete the process.

If you follow these steps to the point, you can easily create your own backyard tennis court. You can save costs by clearing the land, adding the sand and soil layers and painting lines on your own.

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