Mistakes Every Parent Should Avoid

As humans we all make mistakes and that is part of growing up. However, once you become a parent, you have responsibility of child/children and one small mistake can have a huge impact in the life of these tiny humans. Here are few mistakes every parent should avoid 

Being too strict 

Discipline is really important and it is the duty of every parent to ensure that their child is well behaved. However, most parents believe that the only way to discipline their child is to hit them or to be extremely strict with them. This is wrong as that will only make them scared of you and they will end up hiding things from you. It will also break your bond and you might not even really know the true personality of your child. So shouting and yelling at them is never the true solution of the problem. Instead you need to consider your child as an adult and make them understand as to where they are going wrong. For example if your child is demanding something that you really cannot afford for example if they want to go to an international school Thailand and you cannot afford the fee for it, then make them understand instead of being angry at them. However, since education is really important it is your duty to try to save money and give them the best education. 

Being too lenient  

As much as it is bad to be too strict with your kids, it is also bad for one to be extremely lenient with them. During the initial stage of their life you cannot be their friend, you have to be their parent and teach them the difference between what is good and what is bad. In order to know how this is done, you could go for parent counselling classes. Once your kids reach a certain age, you need to change from parent mode to a friend mode. This is because during their teens, they end up becoming a rebel so you need to guide them as a friend instead of their mum or dad. For example they might demand you to admit them to the best international school in town. Check out more here https://brightoncollege.ac.th/british-international-school/.   

It can be really hard to handle teens and the only way out is to make them responsible. For example if they demand the latest phone or to go to the most expensive school, you could ask him/her to help you out financially. Once they start earning, they will understand the value of money and will not demand for things which are not necessary! 

So if you are a new parent make sure you avoid the above mentioned mistakes.